How To Get Australian Visa From UAE


Planning to Migrate to Australia with your family?

If you are aged under 49 years old and you have more than 2 years of work experience, you can fill out the Free Assessment Form below to schedule a Phone Consultation by one of our Immigration Consultants for Australia in Dubai for Free. Take your first step in working and living in Australia as an Australian Permanent Resident.

About Australia

Australia needs a massive skilled workers and professionals and is currently seeking for highly skilled people from all over the world. For the past years, Australia welcomed more than 190 000 skilled professionals and granted a Permanent Residency.

What are the Benefits of Having An Australian Permanent Resident Visa

  • You will have Social Security benefits
  • You are entitled for Health care
  • You have the right to travel to New Zealand visa free
  • You will be granted unlimited freedom to study higher education
  • You will get free education for children
  • Your Australian-born children will be Australian automatically
  • You will be able to Live, work and study in anywhere in Australian state
  • You can sponsor your eligible relatives to live with you in Australia
  • You can work for any employer in any type of occupation
  • You can have numerous employment benefits
  • You will have paid Parental leave
  • You will be granted an Access to first Home Owners Grant of $ 7k
  • You will have Improved Credit Rating
  • You will have Australian Passport which will allow you to travel to a number of countries visa free


Permits and Visas is a registered Immigration Consultancy company in Dubai and in the UK. We have Australian Immigration Consultants specifically managing Australian Immigration Applications from all over the world.

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