What is subclass 189?

subclass 189

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Subclass 189 is a kind of Australian immigration visa that is aimed specifically for skilled workers. These workers are neither sponsored by an employee or a family member, nor any state/territory.

It is a permanent residence visa that allows its owner to live and work in Australia. It also offers the visa applicant to include some of the family members in the application. This visa is a great opportunity for the skilled workers from anywhere to have an experience of their lifetime in Australia. It is a chance for them to polish and practice their skills with the best resources.

What is subclass 189? How to Apply? Keep Reading…

To lodge an application for Australian immigration through subclass 189, the applicant is required to first submit an expression of interest. The applicant is also required to nominate an occupation of his interest from the given list. He is then tested against the skills he claims to possess by the relevant authorities.

Subclass 189 Requirements

The candidate must be under 50 years of age to apply for this visa. Along with the skills assessment test, the applicant has to give evidence that he fulfills the required English language requirements. He also has to score at least a 60 in points score test.

Given the above mentioned evidences, the application is processed further.

Subclass 189 offers a great Australian immigration opportunity. It not only offers benefits for visa holder but also for his family. The visa holder can apply for Australian citizenship. Health care benefits are also included in this visa plan. It is a lifetime opportunity for the visa holder.

Now, you might have a good idea about what is subclass 189 and how you can apply for it. Subclass 189 visa is a perfect way to grab your immigration to Australia in a short period of  time. All you need to do is to find an experienced consultant who can present your case in a better manner.
If you have any plan of migration, then don’t wait or hesitate, just apply for it because Australia needs people more than ever.


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