Need to live in Australia? Buy a visa

australian visa

Wealthy parents of Chinese students have been buying visas for Australian immigration. They have been looking for Australian companies who provide Australian immigration ‘457’ work visa and a job in Australia, given a heavy amount.

These Australian immigration companies are usually fronted by Chinese nationals serving as directors. They demand a fee of $60,000 to $80,000 per student.

The companies assist these graduates to apply for permanent residency after two years. Usually they apply for the employer nominated visa category 186.

A migration agent reported that majority of these graduates do not get paid jobs. They hold the visa and find another job to manage the cash.

Mostly real estate or import/export businesses take these graduates. Some real estate companies give them a very little amount of commission, others pay nothing.

These companies advertise a vacancy and then use fake Chinese academic qualifications to attract such students. Every year a number of Chinese graduates are paying fee to have a masters or PhD degree from Australia.

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The Chinese migration agents claim that there’s much more to the Australian immigration. You just can’t have a 457 by paying a fee. The process is complex. Things didn’t get over when you pay a lawyer about $6000 to $9000. The Border Protection audits this visa application.

The system is great by all accounts. Yet you may get lucky enough to slip through one in a hundred cracks.

Larkin Gou, a Chinese migration agent from Au star Group Sydney further adds that every year a number of parents contact him but he declines to entertain them.

Jeffery Lee, a Sydney lawyer from Co masters Law Firm explains that these graduates and their parents are not criminals, they just value Australian residency.

Apart from pursuing higher education or jobs, the Chinese migrants are also interested in residential properties in Australia. According to the report of Foreign Investment Review Board 2015, the number of planned Chinese investments went from $28 billion to $47 billion.

Australian Immigration department anyhow denies these claims. It says that they have been investigating every such matter reported but found no evidence. Moreover, new criminal and civil penalties have been defined in December last year to discourage such matters.

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