People with Visa Issues in Australia Urged to Contact Immigration Dept

Individuals in Australia who have outstayed their visa or have a crossing over visa are being urged to take counsel to deal with their circumstance.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) calls attention to that it has a Community Status Resolution Service (CSRS) which is free and works with individuals who need to determine issues with their visas.

A representative said it is ideal to contact the administration and sort things out than stress over being in the nation without the right paperwork.”When you approach us with a lapsed Australian visa, or a Bridging visa E, you can be alluded to the CSRS on the off chance that you require resolve your movement matter.

A Community Status Resolution officer will have the capacity to give you data about your migration or flight choices, answer your inquiries and interface you with associations for further help if necessary,” the representative clarified.

“In the event that you participate with us to determine your movement status, we can concede you a Bridging visa E. This gives you a chance to stay in Australia for a brief span while you conclude your movement matter,” he called attention to.


He likewise clarified that the DIBP routinely leads consistence action to find individuals living in the group unlawfully. “On the off chance that you are found in the group without a visa, you could be kept and expelled from Australia. You could confront a three year reentry restriction from going to Australia once more,” he added.

The DIBP says there is a decision for individuals with uncertain visa issues; in the event that they are considering going home at any rate they can leave Australia whenever, regardless of the possibility that they don’t have a substantial visa.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) might have the capacity to arrange an arrival home. Be that as it may, any individual who touched base in Australia unlawfully by watercraft can’t have any significant bearing for a further crossing over visa.

The CSRS holds outreach sessions in some provincial zones around Australia. Individuals can approach authorities at one of these sessions to converse with a CSRS officer about and terminated visa or a Bridging visa E.

“The CSRS will give you clear and right data about suitable movement or flight alternatives, answer your inquiries and associate you with associations for further help if necessary,” the DIBP representative said.

“You can telephone the CSRS for data about terminated visas or Bridging visa Es. You can do this namelessly and look for general data or you can address the administrator in more insight about your circumstances,”

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