Australia grants record 1,50,000 visitor visa

NEW DELHI: The Australian High Commission here has announced its record grant of the 1,50,000t visitor visa for the 2015-16 programme year on Wednesday.

Harinder Sidhu, the recently appointed Australian High Commissioner, highlighted the occasion as a landmark for the potential growth in ties between India and Australia.


“One hundred fifty thousand visitor visas is a sign of the growth of the relations between our two countries.

I welcome it as a positive milestone. The achievement underlines the fast expanding links between Australia and India,” she said.


Only two years ago, the Australian High Commission reported its high of 100,000 tourist visas approved for the programme year 2013-14. For the 2015-16 year, it enjoyed a 19% increase in Indian arrivals on Australian shores, the highest of its kind in thelast seven years. At the celebratory reception for the 1,50,000thvisa, Sidhu welcomed and congratulated visa recipient Mrinal Dutt and his wife KanikĀ .The couple receivedthe chance to climb the historic Sydney Harbor Bridge.

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