Australia Stop Muslim Immigration Change Section 116 Constitution

Hanson had a meeting with the Australian prime minister on Monday night. She has not stopped praising Turnbull ever since. The controversial senator has always been critical of Turnbull and his policies, but not this time.

According to Hanson, Turnbull gave a lot of attention to her perspective. While she was the one who did most of the talking in the meeting, The Australian PM apparently wanted to help One Nation and its supporters.


SD and Australia's PM Malcolm Turnbull pose for a photo together


Hanson said on Tuesday that Turnbull was quite interested in her opinion. “I feel now I have been listened to and my position as senator is respected and that’s all I want, is to be a voice for you,” she said.

If what Hanson is claiming is true, Australia may see a change of policy regarding Muslim immigration. While it still remains to be speculation, a lot of things will change in Australia, if the government starts following people like Hanson.

There are a number of things you should know about Hanson’s One Nation policies, especially about those regarding Muslims in the country. The One Nation policy about Muslims in Australia includes the following.

Hanson wants to ban the burqa in public places, stop building any more mosques and stop further Muslim immigration. She wants to install surveillance cameras in mosques, oppose the Sharia Law and ban Halal certification.


In addition, Hanson wants to call for an inquiry to determine if Islam is a religion or political ideology. She wants to change the Section 116 of the Australian Constitution, which prevents making any law to prohibit free exercise of any religion.

Basically, Hanson wants to make significant changes to Australia’s core system.

If Muslim immigration is stopped in a secular nation like Australia, the entire identity of the country will change. Let’s see if Turnbull listened to Hanson only out of respect or he has plans to consider her policies as well.

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