Skilled Migration to Australia

Skilled migration to Australia involves key information about visa’s, recognition of your professional or trade qualifications, preparing resumes and applications and getting ready for job interviews.

If you have gained qualifications and/or skilled work experience outside of Australia we can help and support your efforts to find skilled work in Australia.

We can help you get your overseas qualifications and skills assessed if you are, or wish to be, on a temporary visa or provisional visa with work rights, or wish to become a permanent resident of Australia through the skilled migrant scheme.


For detailed information on work visas and recognition of overseas qualifications in various occupations, and any licences or registration required to work in Australia, contact our Free Expert Helpline.

If you have not already had your qualifications assessed by a professional body or gained an Australian education level comparison, you may be able to gain an ‘assessment advice’.

The assessment advice shows your education level in comparison to the Australian Qualifications Framework. Some trade qualifications can also be assessed through the ‘comparative assessment’ process.

Skilled migration to Australia

To work in Australia, many trades have specific licensing, registration or industry requirements. If you have an overseas trade qualification, or overseas or Australian trade work experience but no formal papers, we can provide one-to-one information about how to get a trade certificate for work purposes.


Documents you need to apply for overseas qualification and trade recognition include:

  • Qualification/s (original or certified copies)
  • Any certificates relating to apprenticeship or indentures
  • Academic record/s (original or certified copies)
  • Certified English translations of qualifications and academic records
  • Proof of any name change (eg; marriage certificate or certified marriage extract).

Migrants and temporary or provisional residents will also need to show:

  • Pre-migration assessments (original or certified copies) if available
  • Passport and evidence of your residence status in Australia

For detailed information and one-to-one help and support with gaining a visa and/or finding work in Australia, contact our free Expert Helpline.

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