20 Amazing Facts Which are Unknown to Us about Australia

20 Amazing Facts Which are Unknown to Us about Australia

Australia is full of natural resources and wild animals. The Australian society is very friendly and multicultural as compared to other societies in the world. As a result, Australia stands high ranked in the top immigrant countries across the globe.

  1. Human Development Rate is Very High

The human development index is very high in Australia as compared to the world. Living standards, education, economy, and health facilities place Australia at second number.

  1. Wild Life – Kangaroos

20 Amazing Facts Which are Unknown to Us about Australia

Kangaroos in Australia are more than humans in the country. Australian Department of Wild Life has conducted a survey about papulation of kangaroos, which also shows that they are more than humans.

  1. 10,000 Beaches in Australia

It is a very interesting fact that Australia possess ten thousand beaches and if a person plans to visit daily these beaches, then 27 years are required to do this adventure.

  1. Drowned Prime Minister

In the year 1967, Prime minister of Australia jumps into the beach to swim but never came back in spite of intensive efforts.

  1. Genocide to Create a White Australia

During the 1910 to 1970, a large number of genocide operation upon native people were made by the government to achieve white Australia.

  1. Unknown Living Species

There are nearly 75% of undiscovered living species in Australia. These species includes, plants, animals, and marine creatures.

  1. American Fast Food Chain in Australia

After settlement of dispute, “Burger King” name was changed to “Hungry Jack” by the decision of New South Wales Court of Appeal. Burger King was an American fast food chain in Australia.

  1. Biggest Cattle Station of the World

The largest cattle station in Australia is the Anna Creek Station. This station is so big that it surpasses the total area occupied the Israel.

  1. Camel Attack

One day 6,000 camels entered to the Docker River town and created a lot of mess in the town.

  1. Circular Highway

Circular highway named as Highway 1, which circles around the whole country and it measuring about 9000 miles. This is also called the longest road in Australia.

  1. Wrapped Books

This is a way to describe a book to the buyer by a bookstore in Australia. That shopkeeper wrapped books and display a short description for the buyer about the book.

  1. Licensed Electrician in Australia

The person living in Victoria needs to replace a light bulb, he has to call an authorized person to do this simple task.

  1. Dangerous Snakes

The deadliest snakes are in Australia. There are ten top ten venomous beasts in this country.

  1. Killer Plant

Yes, this is true that killer plant is a living in Australia. This plan can easily kill not only human but large animals also. Only to touch can cause vomit within seconds.

  1. Thief Pig

It doesn’t make sense but this is a fact that a pig stole eighteen beers. This interesting act done by the pig in Australia from a campsite. After drinking, that pig make a mess in the city.

20 Amazing Facts Which are Unknown to Us about Australia

  1. Fine on Avoiding Right of Vote

Th democratic culture has a deep root in the Australian society. There is a fine if someone avoids to vote in Australia.

  1. Highest Ratio of Gambling

Latest survey showed that more that 79% of adults are involved in gambling in the Australia.

  1. Highest Rate of Meet Eating

This seems to be a joke but it is true that Australians are biggest meet eaters.

  1. Men Living in Cave

The Australians are mostly cave men. The population in Coober Pedy, Australia, lives in caves to scorch heat in summer.

  1. Opera House is Major Drawback

The opera house in Australia is a result of unpleasant acoustics. The estimated project is US$ 153 but it will be completed in 2020.

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